Mechanic Job specifications

General Responsibilities

  • Schedule and perform appropriate preventative maintenance work.
  • Perform routine functions of maintenance and repairs of golf course/project equipment: tractors, riding mowers and hand mowers.
  • Keep all mowing equipment operable and properly sharpened.
  • Keep service records on all equipment and major repairs to facilitate historical evaluations.
  • Maintain shop working area in neat, orderly fashion and observe working conditions in compliance with all appropriate safety and compliance laws.
  • Work with Superintendent and Golf Maintenance Crew in training and safety of equipment with entire staff.
  • Maintain appropriate inventory control.
  • Ability to keep current with industry trends and training.
  • Assist with mechanical problems in other departments and provide assistance to homeowners and guest in emergencies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalent.


  • Three years minimum experience in maintaining golf course equipment.
  • Working knowledge of fluid hydraulics, automotive electronics, gas and arc welding, fabrication of specialty tools, gas and diesel engines.
  • Ability to diagnose mechanical problems.


  • of reel/
  • bed knife
  • grinding
  • and maintenance.


  • Must be organized in both shop and office.
  • Available to work early hours and weekends.
  • Participating knowledge of the game of golf.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with staff and other resort departments.