The General/course Manager is hired by the Board of Trustees, reports to the President and the Board of Trustees and is responsible for carrying out the Board’s policies and directives.

In accordance with the Club’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, the General Manager is ultimately responsible for executing all programs, services and activities, goals and objectives and ensures that strategic objectives and the Club’s Mission, Vision and Core Values are achieved.

The General/course Manager is accountable for all areas of the Club, and on a daily basis directly manages all club house functions as described by the Board, and will ensure the synergism of all Club activities. The General Manager is the Board’s bridge to the staff and committees and enables the Board to avoid the intricacies and short-term focus that is the staff’s responsibility. This will allow the Board to work more exclusively on the strategic and long-term focus of Club governance.

The General/course Manager will prepare such special reports as may be requested by the Board and will report back on the effectiveness of the Club’s policies, operations and programs.

General / Course Manager job specifications

Operational Excellence

  • Superior at the basics is the foundation for operational excellence
    The GM is responsible for the development and implementation of all service/operating standards and associated training that lead to full achievement of our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)
  • The General/course Manager will implement and monitor the processes to attract new members and revenue creating events.
    These activities are developed by both management staff and standing committees.
  • The General/course Manager will look for and implement productivity and cost savings opportunities that do not detract from member/guest quality and service standards and related services
  • The GM ensures the club is not placed in a position of liability by Noncompliance with regulatory requirements and acts of negligence or poor management decisions.
  • The General Manager is the catalyst and facilitator for the Board to assist in prioritizing long and short-term goals. He/she will execute the strategies to achieve the goals and updates progress against those goals.
  • The General/course Manager, working with the Controller, is responsible for monitoring the financial health of the Club, developing budgets for Board approval with the input of the Finance Committee, and projecting cash needs against requirements. Recommendations as to adjustment of budgets, changes in cash needs and other financial matters are to be communicated on a timely basis to the Board, with appropriate suggestions for remedial action.
  • The General Manager will assist Committees in their capital budget prioritization deliberation, and coordinate this process through the Board’s approval process.

Personnel Management

  • The General/course Manager will develop, maintain, and disseminate a fundamental management philosophy that recognizes our staff is a key part of our sustainable competitive advantage. The GM will have a respectful vision to guide all Club personnel toward optimal operating results, employee morale, and member services.
  • The General/course Manager will help design, according to Board initiatives, programs intended to motivate and improve the performance of staff members.
    Such programs and initiatives should consider the needs of members and the staff, and treatall constituents with respect.
  • A primary task of the GM is to insure that direct reports goals and objectives are defined, understood, evaluated and enhanced on acontinuous basis, to meet the position expectations.
    These goals and objectives are to be in alignment with achieving our MVV, overall Club objectives and supportive of the GM objectives.
  • The General/course Manager will provide an annual report to the Board, and include, in summary form, the results of staff performance appraisals, with exceptional and “key” employees identified.
    Initiatives to retain exceptional and key employees should be discussed with the Board. An objective of minimal turnover by these exceptional and key employees should guide the General Manager.
  • The General/course Manager will develop and monitor basic personnel policies consistent with the Board’s desire to treat employees fairly at all times, and compliant with laws and regulations Leadership
  • The GM is responsible for providing energized, motivated leadership for key managers and staff. He/she is innovative and accepts responsibility for club performance in all areas. Additionally he/she provides consistency and continuity for the Club, and exhibits strong executive leadership to all areas of the operation, including the Board and Committees.